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Master Artisans - Intro to Polymer Clays: (DVD) Transform ordinary objects around your home into artistic treasures. Let renowned Master Polymer Clay Artisan, Donna Kato, take you on a tour of the many ways you can use the new clays, the most versatile and user-friendly art medium available. Simply bake it in your home oven and within minutes, the clay is cured. Learn how to make a simple lime cane, sculpt a bear, create molds, simulate stone, decorate with mosaics, transfer images, plus many other easy to follow techniques and projects.

Master Artisans - Sculpting Whimsical Faces: (DVD)  Let Margene Crossan, a former Disney "Imagineer" whose work has been published in dollmaking and miniatures magazines, demonstrate how easy it is to sculpt with clay. She takes you step-by-step from making the press mold, creating the expressions, making eyes, ears, hair, then painting the faces. Margene's techniques can be adapted to any size doll face simply by adjusting the size of the tools. Click here for VHS version

Master Artisans - Sculpting Characters: (DVD) Sculpt your own whimsical clay characters. Make hands, feet, arms, legs, head and hair out of polymer clays that "cure" right in your home oven. Also, learn how to dress a boy and a girl character, complete with shoes, socks, hat, a delightful millefiori dress, pants and shirt - all using polymer clay. This is a sequel to the popular "Sculpting Whimsical Faces" with Margene Crossan, a former Disney "Imagineer." Learn how easy it is to sculpt using simple tools, push molds, and polymer clay.

Master Artisans - Kitchen Miniatures in Polymer Clay: (DVD) Make realistic-looking pots and pans, teapots, China sets, utensils, jugs, brushes and brooms, rolling pins, baskets and kitchen tiles to decorate your miniature kitchens using polymer clay - the clay that "hardens" right in your home oven. Learn techniques on how to simulate pottery, metal and wood. Let Sue Heaser, acclaimed miniaturist, author of the best seller "Making Doll's House Miniatures with Polymer Clay" and a founder of the British Polymer Clay Guild, take you through her favorite room - the kitchen. A MUST HAVE reference for all miniature enthusiasts. 

Master Artisans - Exploring Liquid Sculpey: (DVD) Explore the many techniques for creating with liquid sculpey. Learn how to make image transfers, as well as using liquid polymer clay like a paint medium. Simulate time worn patina finishes, and layer the liquid sculpey to create the illusion of depth. Explore pin marbleizing, backfilling, and faux enameling on unique projects such as a dragonesque broach, a marbleized butterfly pin, or a pomegranate vessel. This is a techniques-oriented video geared to polymer clay enthusiasts who want to add dimension to their polymer clay projects. 

Master Artisans - Ancient Images: (DVD) Simulate the time worn surfaces of ancient artifacts using easy-to-learn photo copy transfer and etching techniques onto polymer clays, the clays that cure right in your home oven. You will learn a faux enameling technique demonstrated on an old Japanese stencil design, and simulate etching on ancient stone using acrylic paints. Use the clay collage technique to make petroglyph images, and learn an oil-based etching technique to imitate Japanese woodcut designs. 

Master Artisans - Millefiori Basics: (DVD)  Enter the world of millefiori canes, a technique borrowed from ancient glassworkers. Let Master Polymer Clay Artisan, Donna Kato, show you how to simulate stained glass or batik fabric; make jellyrolls and rainbow checkerboard patterns; create a flower cane, then reduce or miniaturize the picture; and for fun, learn how to make a watermelon.  

Millefiori is great way to make ornaments, buttons, fruit etc.. for your santa to carry!
VHS version click here!

Master Artisans - Advanced Millefiori 1: (DVD)  Learn how to create a variety of intricate Millefiori designs. Make woven canes, cathedral glass, sunflower, rose and leaf, and attractive butterfly canes using Skinner shaded rods of color. Take the mystery out of making the complex Millefiori ("a thousand flowers") designs, one of the most popular polymer clay techniques developed by ancient glassworkers. Let Marie Segal, a published author and one of the pioneers of the new clays, demonstrate advanced Millefiori techniques using short cuts that she has developed in her factory to make exquisite-looking canes. You can also apply some of these canes to actual projects, an angel vessel and beads. A MUST HAVE resource for advanced polymer clay enthusiasts. 
VHS version click here

Master Artisans - Tantalizing Translucents:  (DVD)  Learn how to add a gleaming illusion of depth and mystery to your projects using polymer clay, the versatile art medium that "cures" right in your home oven. Construct a simple flower cane using translucent and opaque polymer clays and mount it with a metallic leaf backing on a bead. Make a compelling version of the Japanese metalworking technique, Mokume Gane. Add inclusions such as crayons and colorful scenic sands to create beautiful jewelry and home decor pieces.

Master Artisans - Imitating Metal: (DVD) Transform common objects found around your home into decorator pieces. Learn how to simulate gold, copper, bronze and other metal effects using special pigments, then make decorative impressions on the surface of the clays using rubber stamps, push molds and ordinary household items. Let Marie Segal, a published author and one of the pioneers of the new clays that cure right in your home oven, demonstrate more easy-to-do techniques. Make simple yet elegant carved gold inlaid and crackled gold leaf switch plates. Make jewelry using Hershey's Kisses wrappers and scrap clay, then polish and buff your creations to a satin finish.  VHS version click here!

Master Artisans - Transfer Magic: (DVD) Make a simple 2-minute black and white transfer. Learn how to retain the color of very bright images as well as make colored-pencil collages that can be transferred onto the clay. Simulate old, broken pieces of pottery and use rubber stamps to form dimensional images, finished with molded frames and backs, to create distinctive pieces of jewelry. Let Dotty McMillan, published author and renowned polymer clay artist, share with you some of the successes she's experimented with. This is a techniques-oriented tape geared to polymer clay enthusiasts who want to succeed in making images magically appear onto polymer clay. 

Reproduce Almost Anything : Basic Silicone Mold Making
 (Video and Workbook)  "Reproduce Almost Anything" Basic Silicone Mold Making, Second Edition is a 56-minute videotape (With 3D-Animation.), and a 44-page workbook with National Materials Source-list combination, that shows a beginner, in easily understood techniques, how to make an inexpensive, two-sided silicone rubber mold from almost any original part and then use that silicone rubber mold to make dozens, of exact copies of the original part in metal, plastic, rubber, ceramic, wax or even chocolate. Several minutes of 3D-Animation greatly simplify the learning process for the viewer!

Sculpting Characters With Clay: (VHS) Beginners Guide to Animation - Hollywood clay animator Mark Sawicki shares his secrets on sculpting crazy cartoon characters. Mark's creations have been seen on television, in schools and on the big screen. With his charming and easy style, Mark teaches various techniques for making cartoon characters. This is a great video for craft makers of all ages as well as aspiring student animators.

Miniature Fimo Flowers: (DVD) Brighten all your seasons with miniature flowers you create using Fimo or any polymer clay that cures right in your home oven. For spring, you will learn how to make the crocus, daffodil, hyacinth, and tulip. For winter, you can plant a colorful Christmas cactus. For summer, you can grow petunias and strawberry plants and for fall, you can create different color primroses & petunias for your miniature settings. 

Goodie Boxes: (DVD) Store your treasures in a goodie box you can make for yourself. You can put in marbles, jewelry, and even dead bugs! The goodie boxes come in all shapes and sizes. You can make one from coils of clay, thick sheets, or wrapped around a cardboard box, then bake it right in your oven, and it's ready to use. Let Kris Richards, professional artist, cartoonist, craft designer and author of several instructional books on polymer clay, also show you ways to decorate your goodie box with canes, rubber stamps, cookie cutters, sculpted bumblebees and even drawings. A FUN tape for kids and adults of all ages to begin working with polymer clay. 

Sculpting Cartoon Critters: (DVD) Fun sculpting for kids of all ages using polymer clay, the modeling clay that hardens right in your home oven. Everything starts with rolling balls of clay. Make bears, kitties, dogs, bunnies, caterpillars, spiders, a striped snake and other critters. Use your imagination to create other bug-eyed cartoon critters such as beetles, turtles, ants, and bees. Let Kris Richards, professional artist, cartoonist, craft designer, and author of several instructional books on polymer clay, show you how to sculpt cartoon-like critters using simple tools and balls of clay.

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