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Here you will find books on How to make Santa Claus Dolls by some of my favorite artists including Jack Johnston and Maureen Carlson
. Books include cloth doll making, woodcarving, working with polymer clay and more.  Look around, you will also find books and videos on woodcarving, felt making, art & craft, DVD and video, Santa Claus stories, legends, folklore, images of Santa Claus & postcards.  Price guides, books for collector's and much more.

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Mountain Elves Featured Item

Great way to stay inspired while designing your Santa's
This is one of my personal Audio CD favorites!

The Autobiography of Santa Claus: It's Better to Give  Audio CD
Jeff Guinn  This enchanting story of St. Nicholas is based on historical facts and laced with the magic of legend told from the perspective of Santa himself. Filled with details of Nicholas's life, the beginnings of his gift giving, the expansion of his holiday calling, and more, this book is for everyone who loves the year's most special holiday. 

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Santa Making Santa Making: Books that will help in crafting a Santa Claus doll.  Applying what you learn will help you in creating your Santa dolls!
Santa Dolls All about Santa Claus Books: stargreen2.jpg (3706 bytes)My personal choices.  Books listed here include: Santa Dolls, stories, legends and folklore, postcards and just about anything else about the magical old man.
Woodcarving Santa Woodcarving Books: Detailed list of books on carving Santas Claus. Many books include patterns. Books for the novice, intermediate and advanced carvers
Feltmaking General Crafting Books: If you plan on making any of your own accessories for your dolls, you will find these books handy!  Felt making to crafting miniatures, you will find that Santa Makers are "jack of all trades"!  
Craft How To Video's -  DVD and VHS: Dollmaking and craft related videos. If you don't have the luxury of taking a class first hand, sometimes a video can be the next best thing!  

You will also find a few other Santa Claus and Christmas related videos down this Book Isle!

Price & Collectors Books & Guides to Santa, Dolls & Christmas Collectibles: Price Guides to Santas, dolls and Christmas collectibles.  Discover valuable information about your favorite vintage Santa and Christmas collectibles!

Art & Craft Supplies: Find deals on everything from carving tools to sewing machines! Keep checking back for new additions and bargains. 
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