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Carving Scandinavian Santas Ken Blomquist takes readers through all the steps necessary to successfully carve and finish a Scandinavian Santa, using step-by-step instructions, 258 beautiful full color photos, and detailed patterns. This figure comes with a rucksack full of traditionally wrapped gifts and a walking staff to steady him during his annual trek. Following these clear instructions, you can also create a scenic, snow-covered setting, complete with a fir tree for your figure. The text includes a list of tools and paints required to complete the project, helpful suggestions useful to every carver, instructions for creating unique surface textures, and detailed painting instructions

Tom Wolfe Carves Wood Spirits and Walking Sticks  Leading the carver, step-by-step, through their creation, each step illustrated in beautiful color photographs. An extensive gallery is included, jam-packed with examples and ideas for the reader's own work. Legend has it that the forest of the world are inhabited by elusive creatures known as "Wood Spirits." Tom Wolfe finds them everywhere and brings them to life. Using found wood such as driftwood, roots, and old beams from dilapidated barns, he leads the reader through the carving of wondrous, fanciful faces, that are both enchanting and beautiful. On a smaller scale, Tom also finds the Wood Spirits in walking sticks, creating treasures that are handsome and functional at the same time.
rickbutz.jpg (7892 bytes) Santas (Woodcarving Step by Step With Rick Butz) Richard Butz
Follow along with Rick Butz as he carves three charming Santas from wood. Alpine St. Nicholas, Adirondack Santa and his bear and Swiss St. Nicholas. Step-bystep photos, instructions and ful size patterns included, plus a handy list of resources.

Traditional Santa Carving With Tome Wolfe After the great success of Santa and His Friends, Tom Wolfe presents a group of traditional Santas that have been found in American Art, literature, and advertising since the 1860s and have a warm place in the imaginations of children and the memories of adults. With easy to follow, step-by-step instructions accompanied by full color photos, this is a great book for the beginning and intermediate carver. 280 color photos, 8 1/2" x 11"

Carving Santas from Around the World by Cyndi Joslyn
This handbook guides beginners and those who want to expand their repertoire through 15 Santa carvings based on prototypes from around the globe. Two step-by-step projects with close-up photography and detailed captions lead carvers through choosing tools and material, patterns, transferring designs, executing basic cuts, carving, and painting full-bodied Santas. Easy-to-follow patterns accompanied by photographs with views from different angles can be used to create an additional 13 Santas. Historical notes on the origins of the Santas and an overview of wood, tools, and safety are included.

Carving Scrooge & Dicken's Christmas Carol Figures
Excellent pattern book
by Vincent Squeglia. Carve five Dickens figures, patterns and instructions included. Unique feature of these patterns is they have shaded areas to represent the depth of the cut.

Wood Carving Illustrated [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION] Contains articles which feature step-by-step photographs of carving projects. Learn helpful hints and new techniques from the experts.

Santa Carving Ron Ransom / Paperback / Published 1987
Ron Ransom's book is highly recommended for the novice carver who would like to produce nice results. Mostly photos and captions, the book takes the reader through the basic steps of making some attractive "folk art" santa figures.

Old St. Nick Carving: Classic Santas from Wood David Sabol
David Sabol demonstrates his traditional wood carving techniques, taking the reader through each step from wood blank to finished carving with clear, step-by-step instructions and color illustrations. The finished carving is brought to life with color staining techniques and given a hint of age with antiquing methods David describes in detail. 
Patterns are provided for six classic Santas in a variety of poses and for the venerable Mrs. Claus as well.

Mini-Cheers : Carving Miniature Santas
Ron Ransom, Jeffrey B. Snyder / Paperback / Published 1995
Santa "Mini-Cheers"c answer the wood carver's perennial question, "What can I do with all of these basswood scraps?" Presented are six patterns and instructions for carving three miniature Santas and a larger Santa holding a snowman. All are carved in an "Old World" style, with simplicity and character. Ron skill-fully guides the carver through each project with straight-forward, step-by-step directions, color illustrations, and a bit of humor. A gallery is included.

Power Carving Santas With Tom Wolfe  Paperback / Published 1997
Tom Wolfe has come up with a variety of pastimes the jolly old elf might pick up on his days off. Some of Santa's activities have been set into motion, combining Santa and a whirligig. Over 260 color photographs and easy to follow instructions take the carver through all the necessary steps to carve a Santa you can be proud of.
Sixteen patterns for six projects and a color gallery complete this book. These projects will provide achallenge to the beginner and will be a delight for the more advanced power carver.

41 Santa Patterns for Carvers  Al Streetman / Paperback
41 exciting, creative new Santa patterns in one book! 41 Santa Patterns for Woodcarvers provides beginning wood carvers with projects which they can accomplish with a minimum of tools and frustration. For the intermediate and advanced carvers it offers a wide assortment of Santas in different poses. One project is followed in a step-by-step, fully illustrated manner, so even the beginner can pick up on basic carving techniques. The patterns in this book are full-size, and include approximate dimensions of the side and front views.

60 Patterns for Santa Carvers: Al Streetman, Jack Lisiecki
For hopelessly addicted Santa carvers, this wonderful book will spur them to new heights and depths. Here are 60 of Al Streetman's whimsical, humorous caricature patterns, bringing exciting new dimensions to Santa carving. Al takes the carver step-by-step through the carving of a Santa flying on a candy cane to deliver his goods. It is fun to carve and, from Al's experience, is a good seller at carving shows. It offers a slight but not difficult challenge, and can be executed by novices and pros alike. The book provides some tips and tricks for head and hand carving. All in all, the perfect fix for the Santa craving., 105 color photos, patterns for 60 Santas, 8 1/2" x 11"
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