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Welcome to Mountain Elves Santa Claus Doll Gallery, my name is Patricia McCarty.

Mountain Elves figures are one-of-a-kind creations. 

Each Santa Claus doll is individually designed with a hand-sculpted face.
The special attention given to the detail of the costumes and accessories
reflects the highest standard of quality, making each figure a complete and unique work of art. 

Each Santa is signed, dated and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and the folklore from his Country.

The unique designs are the result of extensive research combined with my interpretations of
Christmas legends and customs from around the world.
Some Santa's such as the Southwestern Santa,
African-American Santa, River Santa, Rubezhal and a few others do not have historical folklore and are my creation of stories that reflect my vision of how Santa might have went about his task of delivering presents. These stories have been partially removed from this site since some folks were reprinting these stories on other sites as actual historical folklore. Although I'm flattered, this was leading to the misrepresentation of actual historical folklore being spread over the internet.  Any of my creations will clearly be marked in yellow on this site and separated from the historical folklore of Santa.  Please do not reprint these stories without my permission.
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Well.. It has taken 12 years, but I guess Mr. Claus should be well on his way to the Clinton Presidential Library (as I was told, anyway). If you would like to read about his journey which started in 1993, you can read about "Mr. Claus Goes To Washington" as reported in The Charleston Gazette Dec. 26, 1993.

Washington Santa (Small)     Washington Santa (Large)    

I am sorry to say that do to illness in my family, 
I will not be taking any orders for 2008 until further notice.
Please feel free to still email me with any questions!
I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

I will be adding an antique and collectibles page to my site soon.
My mother is living with us now, which means cleaning out her four story house.
Over her 87 years, my mother has been a huge collector.
So stay tuned in the next few months for Mom's Gallery (
to be opened with the support of Mountain Elves.  
I will return to making my Santa dolls in the future.

Thank You to all my past customer's,
 for the wonderful support & understanding you have given me
in this life changing event!  Bless you all.

----- Patty McCarty

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The Gallery

kriskringle42x.jpg (16067 bytes) Father Christmas
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(England)   Originated in the 1600’s. Carrying a lantern, Father Christmas would go from house to house peeping into windows and watching the children to see if they were being good.
The well-behaved children, of course, would find gifts beneath the Christmas tree, left there by Father Christmas as a reward for doing their chores and minding their parents.

kringlestaff42xf.jpg (4431 bytes) Kris Kringle stands 17" tall and is dressed in ecru & red  sculpted fabric,with green & gold trim.  Brass bells hang from his belt. He carries a brass lantern and a hand carved staff of a Santa face & beard.
He comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and his legend.

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AASanta42xf.jpg (16511 bytes) African-American Santa
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(American) In the 1960’s, in conjunction with the Civil Rights movement, depictions of a black Santa Claus began to appear. Although this idea was not new to the African-American communities, the black Santas were considered quite a novelty at the time. Today, of course, the idea of a black Santa is commonplace.
African-American Santa legend Mountain Elves

Santa is holding a handmade wooden train and carries a leather pack. He is dressed in stiffened plaid tapestry clothing with beige mink fur trim and stands 17" tall. He comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and his legend.

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Pre Nol
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(France) On St. Nicholas Eve the children would stuff their shoes with hay and a carrot for Pre Nol’s reindeer. The reindeer food was exchanged during the night with gifts for the children. A traditional supper follows Midnight Mass in France and a Yule log is kept burning throughout the twelve days of Christmas.
© story copyright 1986 - 2005 Mountain Elves

Pre Nol has a hand sculpted face. He is dressed in stiffened tapestry clothing with black Russian Fox fur trim.  His 12" beard is from the fleece of the Leicester Longwool Sheep, an endangered breed with only 2000 left in the world. He carries a handcrafted basket by WV artist Jayne Humphreys.  His punched tin star is by Ohio tinsmith Carl Giordano and pottery by WV potter Sue Elkin.  All these items are signed by the artist that made them.  Attached to his belt is a basket of carrots and hay for his reindeer and a pair of old wooden shoes.  Strapped on his back is a ship in a bottle and a violin. 

He stands 26" tall and is signed and dated. He comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and the legend of Pre Nol.

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Click picture to view larger image.

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In many countries the sheep is the sign of peace.
This woolen Santa is part of the Mountain Elves collection of original felted wool roving ornaments and figurines. 
He stands 8" tall and carries a basket of goodies. 
Each Santa face is individually sculpted, no two are alike.
Other colors are available.



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