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Doll Making Books

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Books that will help in crafting a Santa Claus Doll

Some books listed here are not about Santas, but rather dolls in general, 
but applying what you learn will help you in creating your Santa! 
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book1.gif (8168 bytes) A Crafter's Book of Santas : More Than 50 Festive Projects
Leslie Dierks / Hardcover / Published 1996
Every one of the 52 patterns features a color photograph, directions, and charts and graphs (when needed); however, book does not include the basics of the craft involved--woodworking, stitchery, papier-mache, etc.
Artdolls by Jack Johnston:  In his fourth book, award-winning artist Jack Johnston, one of America's leading doll making instuctors, shares his techniques and tools with beginning and advanced doll makers. Jack guides you from the very first step of formulating a list of tools, supplies and materials through the basic rules of anatomy all the way to the final stages of displaying and promoting your finished creations. Step-by-step photos illustrate his detailed instructions, and the gallery section featuring more than 30 of Jack's own dolls are a special bonus. Sprinkled with common-sense advice as well as inspiring anecdotes, this book brings doll sculpting within everyone's reach. It is a must for any doll makers' library.
The Art of Making and Marketing Artdolls:  Jack Johnston's excellent book on making dolls in Polymer Clay. Jack walks you through the steps necessary to create a character doll. Head, hands and feet, as well as making a body and costuming. He also covers marketing strategies and techniques.
The Advanced Art of Making and Marketing ArtdollsThe Advanced Book covers all of the advanced techniques in making polymer dolls. Items such as open mouths with teeth, advanced shoes and bodies are covered. This is an extension of the beginning book.
Art Faces in Clay by Maureen Carlson:  All ages love working with clay. You will enjoy making the cheerful variety of whimsical creations in this book. Maureen Carlson's artistic faces will capture your creative spirit and stimulate your imagination. Designer push molds make it possible for you to enjoy a successful experience every time. In this book you will learn simple techniques for altered clay faces to create even more possibilities for expression.
Creative Cloth Doll Making: In this book, artists from around the world release their creative forces with glorious abandon as they take three simple doll patterns and turn them into one-of-a-kind works of art featuring hand-dyed fabrics, beads, stamping, colored pencils, and much more.  

* Three new doll patterns included--all with interchangeable parts
* Detailed instructions on creating faces
* Variation ideas from world-famous doll makers

Art Doll Quarterly Magazine Subscription:  Art Doll Quarterly is a full-color publication dedicated to the art doll. While the focus of the magazine will be on cloth dolls, dolls of mixed media will be included. Each issue will be packed with informative articles, challenging projects, inspiring art dolls and lots of full-color photography.
Finishing the Figure:  350 color and 300 black-and-white illustrations US Distribution crafts Brilliant doll artist Susanna Oroyan taught dollmakers the world over how to create figures with depth and imagination. Now she focuses on designing their presentations-from costumes and accessories to furnishings and embellishments! Finishing the Figure shows readers how to use several easy design elements to enhance a doll's figure presentation while reflecting a reader's own unique style.
Making Miniature Dolls with Polymer Clay:  You won’t need any special equipment, because the new polymer clays are easy to sculpt, and even easier to harden, right in your kitchen oven. Once they’re firm, you can carve, sand, paint, and glue them, and even add details and bake again. Using the dollhouse scale of 1:12, these charming projects (with templates) include men, women, girls, boys, and baby dolls with a variety of faces, ages, and hairstyles.
Sewing & Sculpting Dolls by Eloise Piper:  Start with a few sewing and crafting supplies, add a dash of imagination, and soon you'll be on an unforgettable dollmaking journey. Let Sewing and Sculpting Dolls be your guide, with its basic cloth doll pattern and clear, illustrated instructions for dozens of embellishing and sculpting techniques.
Dollmakers and Their Stories: "Women Who Changed the World of Play"  This fascinating book tells the stories of courageous dollmakers, all of whom were-and continue to be-filled with passion, vision, and determination. They are the unsung heroines behind some of the most important dolls of the last hundred years-such as Barbie (Ruth Handler) and Madame Alexander's collection (Beatrice Alexander). Entrepreneurs and feminists of their time, these strong women displayed both creative genius and astute business acumen, serving as excellent role models for today's young female readers.
book2.gif (11179 bytes) Making Original and Portrait Dolls in Cernit ~ Rotraut Schrott / Hardcover / Published 1993 You too can learn the how-tos and secrets of creating cernit dolls from award winning, master artist Rotraut Schrott in this easy-to-follow workbook. Features 288 photos, 266 in color. From the first step in modeling to the final stages of costuming, all work is shown in easy to understand steps and corresponding photos. Rotraut Schrott's dolls are much sought after and her one-of-a-kinds sell for multi-thousand dollars. Enjoy the exquisite photos of dolls that the artist has created.
book3.gif (6677 bytes) How to Make Clay Characters ~ Maureen Carlson / Paperback / Published 1997
Self-taught artisan Carlson raises the bar and concocts 21 personable creatures few will be able to resist. Even better are the marvelously detailed instructions, from the formation of hands, feet, and faces, to solving 21 common problems, such as crumbly clay and (horrors!) breakage. This book makes it fun and easy--no sculpting experience or fancy equipment required. You'll find lots of full-color pictures and detailed, step by step projects.
book4.gif (7042 bytes) Anatomy of a Doll : The Fabric Sculptor's Handbook Susanna Oroyan / Paperback / Pub. 1997 More than just a dollmaking book, Anatomy of a Doll provides a fascinating overview of the creative process that has gone into dollmaking for centuries. With nearly 300 excellent photographs of her own dolls and those of many other accomplished artists, noted doll expert Susanna Oroyan offers instructions and ideas for a tremendous variety of cloth dolls. Separate chapters are devoted to the head, the body (including hands and feet), body joints, assemblies, and finishing details. There is enough practical information on all aspects of basic techniques to help the novice dollmaker, and even experts will discover an abundance of new ideas.
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Susanna Oroyan / Paperback / Published 1994
In Anatomy of a Doll master dollmaker Susanna Oroyan gave us a definitive work on cloth
dollmaking. In Fantastic Figures she concentrates on unique dolls made from polymer and paper clays, especially those that combine sculpted clay with cloth bodies. Emphasizing innovation rather than imitation, she provides lengthy and detailed information on the clays themselves; on sculpting the head, hands, feet, and legs; on finishing medium and painting methods; and on constructing the body, clothes, hair, accessories, and even display stands.
Contemporary American Doll Artists and Their Dolls:  The book highlights 25 contemporary doll designers and their dolls, including Sue Sizemore (Kacinda), Anna Puchalski (limited edition Cocoa), Monica Reo (Alissa), Karen Williams Smith (The Promise), Kim Jelley (Blue Ice Faerie), Mary Ellen Frank (Lizzie and Oleanna), Marilyn Radzat (The Golden Faerie), and many more. Artist profiles are provided, which share the stories behind the creation of the dolls and the source of inspiration for the artists. The author shares the interesting backgrounds of all of the artists as well; they come from all over the country and work in all different media: bronze, porcelain, clay, cloth, resin, wax, ceramic, and wood.
book6.jpg (4644 bytes) Mother Plays With Dolls ... and Finds an Important Key to Unlocking Creativity
by Elinor Peace Bailey ~Paperback - 96 pages (July 1990)
One of the most inventive figures in today's fiber arts, Bailey has developed a way for virtually anyone to break through to his or her innermost self. By using a basic doll pattern and playing with its size, shape, hair, and attire, amateurs and pros alike will produce endlessly imaginative creations.
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Making Old-Fashioned Santas Candie Frankel, Beverly Karcher / Published 1994
(Hard to Find) This is a book well worth searching forIt is filled with very striking projects and most projects have a little history included.All the patterns are full sized with very easily understood instructions.
Availability: This title is out of print. Although it is no longer available from the publisher, Amazon will query thier network of used bookstores for you and send an update within one to two weeks.
Christmas Dolls by Joan Muyskens Pursley  A collection of contemporary dolls that celebrate the holiday, this beautiful book will bring out the Christmas spirit in all who open its pages. More than 200 color photos of dolls by today’s top international artists and manufacturers bring to life every aspect of this beloved holiday. Many themes that represent Christmas: Madonnas and nativity-scene figures, interpretations of Santa and his helpers, carolers and characters from favorite Christmas Stories, children of Christmas present and glamorous fashion dolls, all decked out for the holidays.

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